this is our trip across dubai

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Your eyes are wider than distance

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Jacksgap + colours.

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What’s your favorite word? ©

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ok this is super hard for me to do because i’m actually really attached to this blog, but i just find that i don’t have enough time to run this blog anymore and to be honest i just feel like it’s becoming more of a chore than a hobby because i’m so limited with what i reblog. don’t get me wrong, i love each and every one of my followers and i’d like to thank you all for following me for so long; i’ve had great times in this fandom and on this blog, and i’ve managed to make some amazing friends along the way!

so i’m thinking of deleting this blog, but if anyone would like to co-own or help me run it, i’ll definitely be more inclined to keep it and reblog only from time to time without having to worry about letting followers down.

i don’t have many followers, but jack, finn and kimmi follow this blog, and that might mean a lot to someone out there. so yeah, if you reblog a bunch of youtubers and feel like helping me run this blog/co-own with me, feel free to send me a message! thank you again. xx

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i’m suffering from insane post concert depression omfg yesterday was the best day of my entire life i actually saw freaking one direction and 5sos live they’re real people omfg im so upset it’s over how do people even deal with this???

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